<![CDATA[Moose Productions - Blog]]>Sat, 17 Mar 2018 01:38:11 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[New series of books for 2016--TEKSas Daily STAAR Moose  Updated 8/24 with Third Grade Samples]]>Sat, 30 Jul 2016 05:00:00 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/new-series-of-books-for-2016-teksas-daily-starr-mooseFrom its inception, the TEKSas Daily Moose books for upper grades have included two grade levels. This was done to push the students up and up since the TEKS at that time were simpler and did not connect to the next grade level as they should have. Increasingly, that connection deepened, and teachers in the next grade found using the book to fill gaps highly beneficial.
However, with the new STAAR tests focusing on depth and complexity, I have decided to alter the format to accommodate this change. Yet I have still made connections to the next grade level in the bonus question # 9, while still addressing the grade level content only BUT taking it up a notch.

The result is a new format, nearly all new questions in the daily tests, and nearly all new questions on the benchmarks! Plus, the book covers 100% of all the TEKS for the STAAR test.

Actions speak louder than words....here are some samples from the 4th and 5th grade books.

Third grade pages 1 to 10 are below for those moose math users who want to start before the  revised book comes out in mid- September. Other samples will be posted in a couple of weeks.

Grade 3
Days 1 to 10 (Edited versions uploaded 9/3/2016)
     Day 1          Day 6                 For those waiting on their copies, here are 5 more pages:
     Day 2          Day 7                 Day 11         Day 12         Day 13         Day 14        Day 15
     Day 3          Day 8                I am proofreading, double-checking keys and objectives,
     Day 4          Day 9                and I need to write the 3 benchmarks.  This will truly be
     Day 5          Day 10
               a new generation of moose!

Grade 4                                      Grade 4
Days and Benchmark 2                   
Days and Benchmark TEKS
      Day 18                                                                 Keys 11-20
      Day 34                                                                All 90 Days TEKS
      Day 47                                                                All 3 Benchmarks TEKS
      Day 48                                                                TEKS Days 31-60 and Benchmark 2
      Benchmark 2                                                       Class Results Benchmark 2
      Day 61
      Day 77
      Day 79
      Day 90

Grade 5                                       Grade 5
Days and Benchmark 3                     Days and Benchmark TEKS

      Day 22                                                                  All 90 Days TEKS
      Day 42                                                                  All 3 Benchmarks TEKS
      Day 53                                                                 
      Day 59                                                                  TEKS Days 61 to 90
      Day 72                                                                  Class Results Benchmark 3
      Day 77                                                                  Keys 81-90
      Day 87
      Day 90
      Benchmark 3

<![CDATA[NEW MOOSE MATH STUDENT ANSWER SHEETS ]]>Mon, 01 Sep 2014 08:10:26 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/new-moose-math-student-answer-sheetsBubble, bubble, toil, and trouble . . . 
Answer grid changes for 2014-2015 made it necessary to update some of the answer sheets in each book to the appropriate grid. Here are a variety of updated, improved, and new student answer sheets by grade level:

Grade 3           Grade 4 & 5    Grade 6.7.8    3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 1      4th & 5th Sheet 1          6, 7 &, 8 Sheet 1
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 2     4th & 5th Sheet 2          6, 7 &, 8 Sheet 2
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 3     4th & 5th Sheet 3           6, 7 &, 8 Sheet 3
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 4      4th & 5th Sheet 4           6, 7 &, 8 Sheet 4
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 5     4th & 5th Sheet 5          6, 7 &, 8 Sheet 5
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 6     4th & 5th Sheet 6          6, 7 &, 8 Sheet 6
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 7      4th & 5th Sheet 7
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 8      4th & 5th Sheet 8
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 9
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 10
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 11
3rd Grade Ans. Sheet 12                         


<![CDATA[Diane McKenzie and Carol Wood at CAMT]]>Sun, 03 Aug 2014 17:08:44 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/diane-mckenzie-and-carol-wood-at-camt]]><![CDATA[June 20th, 2014 (updated June 30)]]>Sat, 21 Jun 2014 01:17:06 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/june-20th-2014Here are the TEK updates I have so far (see post below for more information about the updates). Click here for a summary of all changes.

First Grade Moose
1/2 TEKS Old to New color connections
Blackline of 2014 TEK numbers for 1/2

Second Grade Moose, Jr.
1/2 TEKS Old to NEW color connections
Blackline of 2014 TEK numbers for 1/2
2/3 TEKS Old to New color connections
Blackline of 2014 TEK numbers for 2/3

Third Grade
2/3 TEKS Old to New color connections
Blackline of 2014 TEK numbers for 2/3
3rd grade Old to New in color

4th grade Old to New in color
Posted 6/30

5th grade Old to New in color
Posted 6/30

5th grade Old to New in color
Posted 6/30

6th grade Old to New in color

6th grade Old to New in color
7th grade Old to New in color

7th grade Old to New in color
8th grade Old to New in color

Books sold online and by mail will have these pages already inserted into the book.
(click for new prices)

First and second grade books have been completely updated.

Here are some other files that you might find helpful. These will be in books purchased at CAMT and online or you can download them to update your current book.

Grade 1 and  2
120 chart (large)
120 chart (2 small)

Grade 6, 7, 8
Venn diagram
of real numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, and irrational numbers

Check back often for more updates.

<![CDATA[CAMT is coming!   Information here on updates!]]>Sat, 07 Jun 2014 04:10:57 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/camt-is-coming-information-here-on-updatesI am busily trying to update the books for CAMT that will be happening July 21 to 23 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. I will be at Booth 105, so please stop by with your post card for a free gift. I would love to meet you or see you again. I have many loyal moose customers. It always feels good to get that positive feedback from people.

I will be having a great CAMT special: buy a book for the reduced price of $35, tax included PLUS two free gifts!
With every book you will get a free tote bag and your choice of giant playing cards or a dozen foam dice. What a deal!

(Prices go up to $38.95 on July 1. Add tax and shipping, and the price will be close to $50).  If you can't come to CAMT, order your book before prices go up online on July 1.

On May 1, TEA announced that their original plan to only test overlapping items in the 2014-15 school year won't work. Now all TEKS are on the table. Luckily, the passing standard will likely be lower to account for the harder test. TEA won't even announce the passing standard until the summer of 2015. Also, there will be no re-tests in May and June .

With 7 books to update, there is no way this lone moose can do them all before the fall. The last few  months, I have been having chemo, and last month I dealt with losing a lot of my files due to the ransom virus. I didn't pay the $500 ransom, but I recovered some of my files from my old computer, and re-typed some of the original files so that I could make changes. It has been a nightmare. But I am working as hard as I can and will be offering partially updated books at CAMT and online in July. Free online updates for the TEK numbers will be posted  here on the Blog as I get them done.

Click here to see my whole plan for the updates.

And click here for more information on the updates.

More, coming soon, so check back often.
Gotta get back to work now.
<![CDATA[Samples and Information for Revised 5/6 Book are on the Home Page!]]>Thu, 01 Aug 2013 05:19:12 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/samples-and-information-for-revised-56-book-on-home-pageEverything you need to know about the 5/6 revised book is on the home page. Try out the first 5 days for free!

I am trying to update the website to delete anything about the older version, so refer to the home page on the left for related information and samples. So, the button still shows the old pages. Just click on individual pages from the home page until I can get that fixed.

Teachers who have ordered the new version are very pleased. I plan to change the TEK numbers by June 2014, at the latest. I will post those changes on the website. So if you order the book to use this year, you can update the objective numbers for free later. I know probability is out for 5th grade after this current school year, but I am leaving the questions in to help students with fractions. Also, I am leaving in the questions on decimals and fractions on the days and the benchmarks, too, because how do you develop fluency with decimals and fractions if you don't have pictorial foundations and practice with them first? I am trying to prevent gaps, especially those first two years of the test.

In 2014 after more is known about what actual new STAAR questions look like, I will assess any questions that may need changed, but you will be covered for the next two years and beyond if you purchase the book now. Any changes will be sent electronically to purchasers for free on request, so don't worry about your book being outdated after this year. That is not the way I operate. Most of you purchase the books with your own money, so I would not treat a fellow teacher any other way than like I would like to be treated.

If you have previously purchased the Moose Math Fitness Center and the Muscle Moosenager Workout Center, I will be updating those colored charts with objective numbers  this year as well. I will post those on the website for you for free when they become available. I will blog about it so you will know to look.

CAMT will be in Fort Worth next year, so I will definitely be there (since I live across the highway from Alliance Town Center)!

If you order a book this year, make sure you save the post card I send with your order. The back has a note about bringing the post card for a free gift at CAMT. If you didn't get a post card from a previous order and want one, e-mail me and I will send you one!

I have been reading that CScope may be losing favor, so hopefully, I can bring back the glory days of moose math that happened in 2005 when I had record sales (that sent my daughter through college, by the way) and began to fade with so many districts spending thousands of dollars on other programs.

My loyal customers know that moose math works, and I am constantly trying to update it so that it is current and more fun than ever.

Set the moose on the loose in your classroom and see the difference it makes!

<![CDATA[Revised 5/6 Book is Being Printed NOW!]]>Wed, 19 Jun 2013 14:02:03 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/revised-56-book-is-being-printed-nowOh, my goodness , those objectives took forever to do!  But, I finally finished the book, and it is being printed right now. I will be updating the website to reflect the new pages, but if you order now, you will get the new book. I have no more copies of the old one. I still have the masters, of course, but the new book is far superior, so I have no plans to sell any more copies of the 2001 version.

So, just order the old 5/6 book that is on the website, and you will get the new one sent to you next week. PLUS, order the book by June 30, and you will receive a dozen foam dice FREE!   It is my gift to you for your patience!

<![CDATA[Just Finished Day 90!]]>Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:33:45 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/just-finished-day-90Page 90
Click above to see the last of the pages for the TEKSas Daily Moose 5/6 book!  I tried very hard to make sure the last 10 days of practice were the best. Therefore, each page took me an extremely long time to write--4 or 5 hours each.

I am very proud of these 90 pages. I think the new book will help your fifth (and sixth graders) become very successful with the operations, fractions, decimals, and geometry. I have intertwined many concepts and approached topics from many different directions to create super STAAR problem-solving.

I am not out of the woods yet. I still need to write the 3 benchmarks, do the keys, and identify the objectives. I think that will go a lot quicker than the daily tests I just finished writing.

I want the benchmarks to be just as great as the daily tests, so I can't promise I will be through with this book by March 31, but it will be close.

Before long, another moose will be loose on the state of Texas!

<![CDATA[New Revised 5/6 Book Coming Later in the Year]]>Mon, 07 Jan 2013 10:20:04 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/new-revised-56-book-coming-later-in-the-yearNew Revised 5/6 book is coming along, but it will not be ready until March 31, 2013.  I will be posting more samples soon. Feel free to try out the pages in your classroom. I will update the online catalog page to reflect the new book when it becomes available. 

The current version of TEKSas Daily Moose 5/6 and the revised version will be totally compatible page by page and problem by problem. You can use one for homework and one for classwork. The revised version will be harder and will be more closely aligned with STAAR.

The revised book will have 3 benchmark tests and tracking sheets that will make keeping up with student progress a breeze.

Feel free to write me if you have any questions.

<![CDATA[Now is the Time to Start the Moose]]>Wed, 03 Oct 2012 05:09:57 GMThttp://moosemath.com/blog/now-is-the-time-to-start-the-mooseThe supplies are put away, emergency care and enrollment cards are checked and turned in to the office, and the students have settled into a routine. If you haven't started using moose math as your daily morning routine, now is definitely the time to start.

Kids love moose math. They enjoy checking their work with you as a class and seeing that they are right or finding out where they went wrong. As time goes by, you begin to hear, "Last time I got that kind of question wrong, but this time I got it right!" They enjoy seeing themselves improve, and they begin to relish sharing with the class how they solved a problem.

Yes, it takes time to check the warm-up and go over strategies, but it is well worth the time. It will pay big dividends as the year goes on. Ask anyone who has used moose math on a regular basis, and they will tell you the same. Because of the cumulative nature of the daily practice tests and the spiraling built into the program,  students not only become more self-confident, but teachers become less stressed out because they know where their students' strengths and weaknesses are every single day. The teacher is now in control of remedying problems as they are identified.  You can immediately tailor your lessons and form groups to fill in gaps revealed by the daily distributive practice. As these kinds of questions come back around in future daily tests, you will feel relieved to see that your students indeed can achieve!

Have you started the moose math yet? If you don't have it in your classroom, now would be a great time to order. Start keeping track of your students now before it becomes overwhelming later when gaps appear or continue to widen. When you use the moose, it is the moose that is on the loose in your classroom and not your students' potential to succeed.

        If you use moose math in your classroom, please
                share your experience with other teachers by
                posting comments. 

            If you are considering using moose math, you
                can e-mail me with your questions using the
ontact Form. Your individual questions or 
                comments and my answers to you  will remain